A powerful new book by Shane M. Oberlin, Founder of Conquering Kingdoms.


Shane M. Oberlin

is an Ambassador of The Kingdom of God, who embraces his destiny as an end-time revivalist, author, innovator, and instigator. Whether in Amman, London, Dallas, Cardiff, or his hometown of Auburn, Indiana, Shane lives a lifestyle rooted in the BREAKTHROUGH of The Gospel. Motivated by love, with transformation on the agenda, Shane seeks to empower a generation—awakening them to the higher reality of their God-given purpose. His dynamic blend of anointing, passion, humor, and hope is expressed through writing, prophetic ministry, counseling, travel, speaking, and song. A former assistant editor of “The Voice of Healing Magazine,” his words have traveled to over sixty nations, impacting hundreds-of-thousands with a fresh perspective. Shane founded Conquering Kingdoms, a movement that empowers believers to overcome every obstacle that hinders them by activating their faith. He is the author of “Becoming BREAKTHROUGH,” a prophetic call-to-action for the Body of Christ. A proud graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, He resides near Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, serving as a missionary with The Message Trust. In his “spare time,” Shane is a freelance ghostwriter, copy-editor, and proofreader. Connect with him at his website—or find the nearest taco stand. He is probably already there. If not, feel free to tell him about it!


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"RIVETING and COMPELLING. The author's revelations are both an inspiration and a challenge to rise up to Christ's mandate."


Recording Artist
Shane shares Biblical Truth with both a practical AND a prophetic flow that makes it easy to receive a very real impartation from the life-giving words on the pages of this book. He hides nothing of his past, personal struggles and he instructs and inspires from his ongoing personal victories. It's personal, it's Biblical, it's experiential AND it is applicable. This book is full of life and it will change you!

Bob Long

Apostolic Founder/Director, Rally Call Ministries
Becoming BREAKTHROUGH is not only a testament to God's faithfulness in Shane's life, it is also a manual that will help you become all God wants you to be. A mixture of anecdote, testimony, sound Biblical principles and prophetic insight, it has all the hallmarks of a key discipleship manual for the 21st century. Reading is one thing, putting into practice another. I urge you to give it a go! Why not? Maybe this is the spark that will ignite the life God has planned for you.


Director, Message Wales


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